slip reduced single capstan drawing machine

Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH Gummersbach, a reliable partner of the wire industry for decades as a proven supplier of drawing machines and winding systems, has developed the prototype of a single disk drawing machine of the ES series.

The idea is to expand the product range, which so far includes conventional cone drawing machines and dancer-controlled, slip-free and modular single-disk drawing machines of the WDM series, by an ES series of drawing machines.

The classic cone drawing machine is the cheapest solution, but it has two major disadvantages. On the one hand, the thickest wire runs onto the smallest conical disc, which also has the greatest slippage due to the sliding wire drawing and, on the other hand, is characterized by a fixed gradation (wire extension).

For some years now, Schmidt has been offering a modular wire drawing machine of the type 20-2, a drawing machine that can be combined with 1, 2 or 3 modules. Each module is driven individually. The advantages of this construction are that each module can be designed with an individual wire extension (6, 11, 13 and 17% are currently available) and the control electronics reduce the slip built up in the module at the transitions between the individual modules to approx. 2% can be reduced. A classic cone drawing machine would show a slip of approx. 80% after 31 strands, whereas with this concept the input slip can be less than 20%.

The single disc drawing machines of the WDM series consist of individual modules that can be combined with up to 11 pulls. Each module is individually driven and almost slip-free due to the dancer control. Any electronically selectable wire extensions offer maximum flexibility. However, not every wire product offers the possibility to compensate for this concept in price.

That is why Schmidt has developed a new ES series which, thanks to the individually driven drawing pulleys, offers the possibility of an individually electronically selectable wire extension. The modern electronics and software also offer the possibility of minimizing slip. The mechanical structure is reduced to the essentials, which is why we are convinced that we can offer a technologically and economically interesting solution.

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