Re-spooling machines

We manufacture according to your requirements.

Respooling machines and respooling plants with itegrated automatic spooler

If rewinding with high performance and great precision is required, our machines and systems are recommended.

We manufacture according to your requirements. Tell us about the wire material, strengths, diameter range and desired pay-off and take-up spools, and we will be pleased to submit our concept and our offer to you

For the convection of the finest wires onto small spools, we have developed the SM02 table rewinder. This device is characterized by the simplest handling and easy adaptation to a wide variety of coil types. The ranges 0-10 cN, 10-100 cN and 40-400 cN are available as winding tension.

The table shows the coil types possible up to now. Everything is possible up to a diameter of 160 mm!

The high-performance rewinder USP was designed for larger quantities. Here, 4 coil positions can be rewound in parallel, for wires in the range 20 µm – 80 µm at speeds of up to 30 m / s  

The double laser light barrier ensures perfect winding results with this particularly high-quality wire.

Thicker wires allow a fully automatic process on the U-ASP, whereby the unwinder can take spools up to 630 mm. The rewinding then takes place on the automatic bobbin changer in a magazine, so that the entire rewinding process can take place without supervision. A decisive cost advantage. 

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