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Drum coilers / Drum Packs / Carrier winders

For special annealing processes, drum coiler and stem winders were designed, which can be equipped with additional wire treatment devices

For wires in the wire diameter range 0.2 – approx … 2 mm  

  • Separate drives for capstan disc and turntable
  • Capstan discs with spring-operated pressure band or rubber pressure roller, alternatively with a V-disc or double V-disc
  • For drums up to 800 mm high and weights up to 200 kg
  • For stem coils up to 1200 mm high and weights up to 500 kg

Special facilities possible:

  • Calibration drawing device for powder and oil drawing
  • Wire straightener
  • Wire oiling device


Our ribbon winders, which use laser scanning heads to ensure the precise laying of this difficult material, also belong to the category of annealing take-ups 

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