Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH 

Slipless wire drawing machines

In addition to the well-known cone wire drawing machines (drawing of wire with slippage), our wide range of products also comprises machines for drawing wire without slippage.

The slipless drawing of wire is characterised by the fact that no relative movement occurs between the wire and the capstan and so the wire speed and the circumferential speed of the capstans are identical.

The characteristic features of our slipless drawing machines are the individually driven capstans, which are disengaged by means of dancers.


  • automatic adjustment of the speeds of the individual capstans to the actual gradation of the drawing dies and thus reduction of slippage to a physically possible minimum.
  • free selection of the drawing-die gradations
  • flexibility of the drawing die inserts so that they can be optimally adapted to the material flow properties
  • prolonged service life of the drawing dies
  • possibilities of increased productivity due to higher drawing speeds
  • optimization of the surface quality

We supply sprayed models for fine wire dimensions and fully submerged models for thicker dimensions.

Sprayed models

are manufactured in modular design. Thus the customer can determine the number of required drawing modules and can chose from an extensive range of pay-off and rewinding modules.

The model WDM 100 is characterised by air-cooled capstans Ø100mm, which are provided with special profiles so that the flexible relief of the wire is optimised to reduce slippage. The max. wire inlet diameter is 0.5 mm and the min. finished wire diameter is 0.02 mm.

The model WDM 160 is characterised by water-cooled capstans Ø160 mm, which are also provided with special profiles. The max. wire inlet diameter is 1.5 mm and the min. finished wire diameter is 0.15 mm.

Submerged models

are supplied for thicker wire dimensions. The wire and the drawing tools are located in a fully submerged drawing chamber and are therefore optimally supplied with lubricant and thus cooled in the best possible way. Wire guidance inside the drawing chamber is reduced to a minimum of deflection pulleys and takes place without counter bending and lateral deflection. Each die holder is of cardanic design. This serves for an optimum adjustment of cast and helix. The drawing dies are sprayed with high pressure in addition to the submersion process.

We supply the model 5x200-40 with capstan Ø250 mm for a max. wire inlet diameter of 2.0 mm to 0.7 – 1.4 mm finished wire.

Moreover, we manufacture the model 7x300-50 with capstan Ø300 mm for drawing a max. wire inlet diameter of 3.0 mm to a finished range of 0.7 – 2.0 mm.

Drawing machines which are to be operated with water-based emulsions are made completely of stainless steel.