Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH 

Spooling machines

According to your requirements for all wire diameter and spool ranges

For working out an offer, please submit the following information:

  1. Number of spooling heads
  2. Wire material
  3. Wire diameter range
  4. Spool range
  5. Speed
  6. Single drive or group drive of the capstans
  7. Single or group traverse unit
  8. Your power supply


  • Please indicate the number of spooling heads per group in case of group drive of the capstans and group traverse unit.
  • Groups are not possible in case of regulated tension.
  • Basically, each spooling head is provided with a separate spool motor.

  • Obtain information about our single capstan drawing machines as well!
    • e.g. type 200-40 with 21 dies
    • max. inlet wire diameter 2.00 mm
    • finished wire diameter 0.15 – 1.00 mm