Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH 

Range of Products

We focus on high performing (powerful) and extremely flexible machines to guarantee the highest possible product quality.

Our year of experience enable us to design machines that are handled efficiently and with little need for maintenance. The outstanding quality and durability of our machines is appreciated by our customers since years.

Among our longstanding long-time clients are wire drawing plants for weaving-, knitting-, braiding- and bunching wires. We supply manufacturers of Cutting wire, heating wire and resistance wire as well as wire for precious metal catalysts, measurement technology and medical purposes.

Our supply range encompasses all components of our product line, among them various types of Pay-off devices, roll-off devices, heat treatment and electroplating plants, drawing machines, spooler with traversing pulley or traversing spooler, with automatic spool rim correction, fully automated spool change over, for a wide range of spool types.

For all downstream processes we offer respooling machines for all wire and features, also with fully automated spool changer, as well as take-ups for annealing processes.

Customized machines manufactured in close collaboration with our clients complete our product range. Therefore customers all over the world trust us as a responsible and professional partner.