Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH 

Automatic spooler (automatic spool changer)

Various machine types for spools up to 400 mm flange diameter and 200 kg spool weight.

Automatic spoolers are used

  • downstream of dry and wet drawing machines
  • downstream of continuous annealers
  • in respooling plants

Further features:

  • automatic traverse unit for optimal and constant winding of the spools (also possible for biconical spools)
  • controlled via PLC and pneumatic valve blocks
  • optimal for high productivity
  • size of empty-spool magazine by agreement
  • upon request with wire diameter monitoring device

    • Obtain information about our single capstan drawing machines as well!
      • e.g. type 200-40 with 21 dies
      • max. inlet wire diameter 2.00 mm
      • finished wire diameter 0.15 – 1.00 mm