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WIRE show 2020
07.12.2020 bis 11.12.2020

The wire Show will take place in Düsseldorf from December 7th to 11th. Please visit us at our booth 11A59.

Interwire Atlanta
13.05.2019 bis 16.05.2019

Again, Schmidt is present on the Interwire Show in Atlanta. Please visit us at booth 841 (Niehoff-Endex). We will Show our new re-spooling device SM02, developed as a table top unit for ultrafine wire respooling purpose. Extremely flexible in use, a wide range of spools are usable. Convince yourself!

Annealing take up SM36

new series of annealing teke ups with sophisticated features:
* extremely small unit with independed Micro controller
* production Speed up to 300 m/min (1000 fpm)
* capstan Ø 135 mm (5.3") with Aluminiumoxyde layer
* controlled Spooling tension 3-30 cN
* spool types HK100 and HK 130
* traversing Spooler unit for best Spooling results
* housing staggered, for wire guding without bendings

Ultrafine wire drawing machine E10S160
02.07.2018 bis 01.11.2018

For our customers with ultrafine wire diamter: the wire drawing machine E10S160. For wire diameter 80µm down to 10 µm

Now available with traversing die holder, for abrasive wire materials

Machine on stock!
Produktfoto 7819 Bild 01.jpg

WIRE Show 2018
16.04.2018 bis 20.04.2018

Dear customer, thanks a lot for visiting us in Duesseldorf.
We will Keep in touch!

WIRE Moscow 2017
05.06.2017 bis 08.06.2017

The International Wire and Cable Trade Fair in Russia
Visit us at booth D32 (Niehoff)

09.05.2017 bis 11.05.2017

We are pleased to welcome our US customers at booth 841 on the INTERWIRE 2017 in Atlana

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

SCHMIDT Maschinenbau GmbH is now certified by ISO 9001:2015
The well-known quality and durability of all SCHMIDT machines is know ensured by a quality-management system. A success of the complete SCHMIDT team!

Wire Düsseldorf
04.04.2016 bis 08.04.2016

Thank you for visiting us at the trade fair in Düsseldorf, and the opportunity to present Schmidt as the world leader in fine and ultrafine modern wire drawing machine manufacturer!

Drawing machine with inline plasma annealer - sophisticated technology

latest technologie now available: drawing machine with inline plasma annealer for ferrus applications
e.g.: stainless stelle wire 0,15 - 0,6 mm, drawed and annealed at 15 m/s, with uninterrupted spool change
7528-14 Bild2.jpg

20.04.2015 bis 30.05.2015

Welcome to the wire and cable manufacturing trade show INTERWIRE 2015 from Apr 27 - Apr 30 in Atlanta/USA. Meet us at booth #740, toghether with our agent NENA (Niehoff/Endex)
Yours Schmidt Team

New slipless drawing machine

the brand new splipless drawing machine type 200-50 ensures best wire quality come along with moderate iinvest cost. Singel drives with power 4 kW up to 11 kW enables a wide range of application. Thanks to the modulare concept (5 drawing steps in one module) and the 160 mm and 200 mm drawing shives the machien is usable for wire diameter from 3,0 mm to 0,4 mm. Easy access and handling safes labour cost. As an option the integration of an electric annealer is possible.
Produktfoto 7331 Bild 01.JPG


the new cone-drawing machine 20-2/31 consists of a compact modular design and state-of-the-art features. This high quality project of a genuinely innovative natur supports your pretentious process desire.

- the central Spooler and supply modul can be expanded up
  to 4 drawing modules
- suitable for a wide diameter range: 0,2 bis 0,020 mm final wire diameter
- stainless steel, copper, precious metals and alloys
- traversing spooler with electronically controlled spooler-tension

More options:

· automatic traverse correction for optimal and stable spooling
· cones made from zirconium oxide-ceramic
· adjustable die holders, for minimized cone wear out
· each drawing modul comes with its own drive. This enables an electronically
  minimizing of the slip between the drawing modules
· final die elongation freely programmable (10-20%)
· adjustable final die position for optimal cast and helix
· rotating final die for optimal die wear out
· reversing wire-diameter and -ovality supervision
· drawing lubrication tank with magnet-coupled pump and
  filter system (1, 2, 5 und 10 µm)
· switch over to central drawing lubrication supply